Our Project in the Slovenian press

The Slovenian newspaper Vestnik published news in its traditional edition and another in its online version on mobility developed in Slovenia between September 23 and 27.
Here is a transcript of the news (https://vestnik.si/clanek/aktualno/na-os-sveti-jurij-gostijo-ucence-iz-stirih-drzav-732359):

The Sveti Jurij Elementary School hosts students from four countries

Maja Hajdinjak, September 27, 2019


9th Graders introduced Greece.

These days, students and teachers from four countries -Italy, Spain, Greece and Poland- are attending the Sveti Jurij Elementary School, one of the five schools that is part of an international project under Erasmus+: “Innovation=Motivation”

In addition to the Sveti Jurij school, CEIP Santa María la Blanca from Barcience, Istituto Comprensivo A. Molinaro from Montefiascone, Szkola Podstawowa Nr 1 im. Ryszard Knosaly of Olsztyn and 40 dimotiko scoleio Peristeriou of Peristeri. Individual school mentors are Anita Fartek from Slovenia, Eleni Rekouti from Greece, Paola Romoli from Italy, Anna Golyga from Poland and Javier Valle Rey from Spain, who is also the project’s lead coordinator.


Maja Hajdinjak – “Innovation=Motivation” Project coordinators

As he told us, the teachers of the mentioned schools met almost four years ago on an online platform dedicated to the Exchange of information between teachers from across the European Unión and began to participate in several online projects. “Then we decided to develop our Project. We were unsuccessful twice, but last year we finally succeeded“, he said.


Maja Hajdinjak – The main coordinator of the Innovation=Motivation project is Javier Valle Rey from Spain.

The aim of the Project is to improve students’ digital competences and to use them in teaching and learning. As part of the Project, both students and teachers work with Applications, develop them, make videos and learn coding. “So they are doing something that is not normally included in the curriculum, but it should be, because these competencies are important for their lives in the future.” Students, Javier Valle Rey continues, enjoy projects like these, using tablets, phones and laptops and get to know other countries. In this way, teachers also want to stimulate students”.


Maja Hajdinjak – A Spanish teacher taught the students how to dance “Macarena”


Maja Hajdinjak – The Greeks also taught how to dance Syrtaky

But is the future of school really in computer Applications and tablets? “In fact, I think we need to find some balance. Today, it is impossible to work with just Apps or just books, but times are changing fast. Twenty years ago, it was impossible to think about the kind of activities we are doing in the project, but I think it will be just as difficult to think about books over the next twenty years as the only way to learn”, he concluded.

Maja Hajdinjak – A tiramisu was prepared for the students at the Italian booth.

Foreign students, 17 of them, are staying with their peers in the municpality of Rogasovci these days, and the challenge for both is the use of foreign languages. On Tuesday, individual clases for guests at the school’s amphitheater prepared booths to showcase all participating countries. The guest students briefly introduced their schools and taught Slovene students some dances, such as syrtaky and the well-known “Macarena”. Visiting teachers and students will be heare until Friday. They visited the sights in Prekmurje, Ljubljana and Bled.

Maja Hajdinjak – At the Spanish booth they also offered Sangría, non-alcoholic, of course.


Maja Hajdinjak – The Slovenian booth offered the Prekmurje gibanica.

The Innovation=Motivation Project involves six mobilities, three for teachers and three for students and teachers. During exchanges, teachers educate and learn about new methods of working with students and upgrade themselves. The main Slovenian coordinator, Anita Fartek, also emphasized this. “It is good that we exchange information to see how they work with students elsewhere, what is the difference, and ultimately we find that it is not so bad for us.” Students and teachers will meet in Italy next May. Teachers also plan to continue working together and are already considering a new project, said Javier Valle Rey.

More photos:


Maja Hajdinjak – Thus, they welcomed the guests to Sveti Jurij school.


Maja Hajdinjak – International Project at Sveti Jurij Elementary school

Maja Hajdinjak – International Project at Sveti Jurij Elemntary School.



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