First day of the short term exchange of pupils in Sveti Jurij, Slovenia 🇸🇮

Today we began to develop the activities of our second exchange of students participating in our project. Students and teachers from Italy, Greece, Poland and Spain have come to Slovenia to meet with our Slovenian partners in their school.

We have had time to get to know each other, and witness the fantastic activities that Slovenian students and teachers have prepared.

In addition, today we have been able to know how is the Slovenian educational system thanks to an excellent presentation that we will share in another post soon. The participating students have also participated in a wonderful workshop on video creation and editing with the App Inshot, developed by Slovenian teachers.

7 thoughts on “First day of the short term exchange of pupils in Sveti Jurij, Slovenia 🇸🇮”

  1. Impresionante ceremonia de bienvenida y geniales las actividades programadas.
    Felicidades a Anita y su equipo por el gran trabajo.
    Es una gran alegría ver disfrutar a compañeros y alumnos de estas experiencias.

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