Talking and sharing experiences in Italy after the participation to the mobility in Peristeri/Greece

The students of the Italian school have presented to their classmates their experience and their feelings about their mobility to Peristeri/Greece from the 17th to the 24th February 2019.

Elena, Gabriele, Michele and Jessica of the Lower Secondary School “A. Manzoni” talked about their research work concerning the use of Apps in different fields (work, education and leisure time) and they explained the results achieved comparing the different studies carried out by the participating students from the partners countries.

Presentazione foto

Presentazione Erasmus 2

Moreover they showed and commented all the historical and archeological sites they had the opportunity to visit in Greece.

It was very motivating also because it referred to topics they studied and they are studying during the current school year.

Likewise Davide of the Primary School presented and shared his experience…he told his mates and teachers he met new friends, he played and worked with them, he attended interesting lessons and carried out awesome group activities, he discovered wonderful places and he was obliged to use the English language to comminicate with the new Greek, Polish, Slovenian and Spanish friends.

All the students were enthusiastic…they will always keep in their minds and in their hearts this rainbow of emotions.



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