Poland: Sharing experiences and learnings acquired in Greece (first exchange of pupils)


On the 6th of March the Polish project Erasmus+ team held a special meeting with the students of our school. First, the project coordinator Anna Gołyga, made a presentation about the project “Innovation = Motivation” – she asked students a lot of questions and showed them a lot of photos.
We are happy to say that students remembered the flags of the partner countries correctly, they knew what the aims of the project are, they also shouted the names of their favourite educational applications used by the teachers with enthusiasm.

Next, the students who went to our partner school in Greece, presented their own materials about the visit to Peristeri – a presentation and a video, they also answered a lot of questions. The students of our school were very curious about the visit and asked questions about the food, the weather, the language, the host school, Greek educational system, Greek students and their families, and many, many more.

Here is a link to the video made by Kurt, the script was written by Helena:


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