Research work on the use of Apps by Slovenian students

As part of our first mobility with pupils, we also had presentations of the performed research work on the use of ICT devices at work and in free time Slovenia – Prekmurje región.

ERASMUS_presentation Slovenia_Research Apps


Our students Hana and Emma have studied the use of ICT technology and applications in our home environment. The purpose of the research was to investigate: how many employed people in our area use ICT devices and applications at their work and why do they use them, how much do certain individuals of various age groups use ICT devices and applications in their free time (for example for entertainment, meeting other people, gaining information …) and how often is ICT used at education (teachers and students). In this purpose we made two interviews and a result analysis of three online questionnaires.


They found that computers, smartphones, laptops and various applications are very commonly used both at school and at workplaces. Both teachers and other employees consider that it greatly facilitates their work, enables faster access to information and increases the quality of work. Applications and ICT devices are also very popular in our free time. Pupils and older people use them for relaxation (various games), for getting information, shopping, listening to music, social interactions with friends (FB, Instargram, whatsApp…). Ema and Hana were very satisfied with the research done and the presentation in English. Despite the presence of a trembling, they all presented the results perfectly.

predstavitev 3

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